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356 Main St. Longmont


10-7 • 9-2 Sun • Closed Mon

Modern Consignment for Women & Men

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You might have questions...


Aloha Trading Co. is a secondhand clothing shop bringing the brands you love to Longmont at brag-worthy prices. We hope it will be a cool place to shop and a chill place to consign.



Why Aloha? Yeah, we know we're not in Hawaii — not anymore anyway (we lived there for a half dozen years)- but we also loved how the double meaning fit with the idea of consignment, saying goodbye to something you're ready to let go of and hello to a new find! 



We're Longmont locals, Aloha is a small family business (you may see our twins running around the store from time to time). This is a new adventure for us, so please take the time to share your thoughts with us so we know what we're getting right or wrong!



You can find our shop Downtown — 356 Main Street. A few doors South of Samples and across the street from Tangerine. Parking is behind us, right off Kimbark (across from the library).


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We're not your mom's consignment store (but good on her for secondhand shopping). We're bringing something fresh to town. Tell your friends — we'll need your help to keep our stock fresh!



We carry mostly upscale brands but we're not snooty about it. We just love great design — that's why you'll find a few Target pieces in the mix too, cause a great piece is a great piece.



We're not one of those shops where you go in and feel like you're being critiqued, judged, evaluated, dismissed...Nope, none of that. Aloha for all. 

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Hello my new love.


We wanted to bring a new shopping experience to Longmont where you could find your fav brands for prices you can brag to your friends about. A wide varitey of styles and brands handpicked and curated to make discovering your next love a sure bet.


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Cash out and pocket 40% (much better than online)

Choose store credit and get 50% to reinvest in your wardrobe! 

Unsold items can be picked up or donated.

goodbye old friend

what to bring in:


current & upcoming season

Right now we're pretty chill about this since we're new and still filling up our racks.


better brands

Our nitche is the mid-to-high-end brands, so bring your Crew, Madewell, Anthro, Patagonia etc. and make another plan for brands like Old Navy, Aeropostale, Kohls, Walmart, etc. That said, what we really care about is great design, so a really unique piece from H&M or Target may get a pass.


near perfect condition

Lightly worn, not faded, no holes or stains. No need to press or hang.



In terms of clothing: most everything

Shoes, Bags, Hats & Accessories

Athleisure should be in especially good condition 

We're taking Materinity on a trial basis


Wedding Dresses


Formal gowns like bridesmaid dresses

(save those formals for our special consignment event this Spring)



We carry guys stuff!  But, if you or your other half doesn't bring us stuff to stock it's not gonna happen.


Most casual & work clothing

Outdoor Clothing (but not gear)

Shoes, Hat, Belts, Watches

Backpacks & Messenger Bags




Althletic Wear like basketball shorts or sweats



rad stuff:

Just a few other things we consign for fun:



No earbuds; instead - on or over the ear please—good working condition and not too ratty.



Mostly long boards — but penny or short boards are cool too.



Small packs, Backpacks, Messenger bags etc.

One more thing we want to say...


We were consignment shop customers long before we became shop owners. So we get it — it can be a bummer to bring all your stuff in only to have it returned to you with a "no thanks" (or less). It's easy to take it personally. It was one of our concerns when we decided to open the shop. We truly appreciate you choosing to consign with us. The downside is we obviously can't take everything; please understand it depends on a lot of different factors like how much room we have on the racks, what people are buying and keeping our stock current. We'll do our best to keep it a positive experience for everyone! 


Contact Us.

Aloha Trading Co. LLC
356 Main Street, Longmont CO 80301
Phone: 720.731.2530



10 am – 7 pm  Tuesday - Saturday

9 am – 2 pm  Sunday 

Closed Monday

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